About Us


Our education system worldwide has been broken for decades. Schools have become like factories churning out diligent followers. At Nelson we’re building the first grassroots and open source education movement to disrupt the traditional education paradigm. We will return education to what it truly should be. We will build the best and most innovative knowledge and success based curriculum in the world. Through it we seek to create millions of world citizens and leaders who are capable of advancing our human race. We seek to put our curriculum in 10M homes by 2020.



We are a group of educators, innovators, scientists, authors, movie aficionados, serial entrepreneurs, academicians and singers. But above all we're dreamers. And our dream here is quite simple. To rebuild our broken education system and to change it forever. So that tomorrow’s leaders can change everything else.



We believe in an equal and fair education for all. We will never have different prices- one for the wealthy and one for others. No matter who you are or what you or your parents do. Nelson will always have one standard price.